Cast billets

Alloys: 2014, 2024, 2219, 6061(high chrome versions), 7005, 7010, 7020, 7050, 7075 and 7175

Other alloys: Can be cast as per customer's specifications.

Diameter: As cast size: 178mm (7“), 254mm (10”), 302mm (11.9”), 393mm (15.5”), 446mm (17.6”), 581mm (22.9”), 660mm (26”), 816mm (32.1”), 914mm (36”), 995mm (39.2”) and 1060mm (41.7”). Other sizes can be made available as per the customer’s requirements.

Length: Cut to size as per customer’s requirements, or in the log form.

All billets available in homogenised, machined and 100 per cent ultrasonically tested condition.

HAAL’s products comply with material quality requirements of the finished forging and extrusion of all aerospace alloy application specifications of any country.